Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Saks Fifth Stop

I went to lunch with my Mom at P.F. Changs and decided to look around a bit and of course we got pulled into the make up section. hehe

Bobbie Brown Make Up

1. Shimmer Blush in Coral2. 2.5 Warm Sand Moisturizing Cream Compact Foundation  3. Sparkle Eyeshadow in Sunlight 6 4. Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthing Mascara in Black  5. Ink Liner in Really Black  6. Sample lip gloss palatte

So i pretty much love everything I bought I use them all everyday except for the lip gloss palette I gave it to my Mom because I don't like sticky lip gloss :/. The foundation is so moisturizing I reccommend to anyone who has dry skin like me, it has great coverage! I am also obsessed with the gold glitter eyeshadow, it just brightens up my whole eyes, I reccommend to everyone with a face! lol

 Ta Ta for now , XoXo Brooke

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